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Arabian Oasis Industries

Arabian Oasis Industries is the largest producer of dished heads in the GCC. It has earned itself a reputation for providing customised dished heads in a short period, at a competitive price. The company has also set a world record by cold forming 80mm thickness dished heads by spinning.


Its wide range of dished heads include 2:1 ellipsoidal, torispherical, hemispherical (crown and petal construction) and toriconical heads. In terms of specifications, the company produces dished heads with diameters from 500mm to 7000mm and thickness from 5mm to 120mm. These dished heads are supplied for use across several industries such as oil and petrochemical, fertilisers, refinery and food processing.

Arabian Oasis Industries strives to ensure that its customers are receiving top-quality products. The company issues a ‘Certificate of Compliance’, which highlights key aspects of the product information such as the size, type, thickness, and so on.

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