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Al Shirawi celebrates World No Tobacco Day

Al Shirawi celebrates World No Tobacco Day

Al Shirawi Group recently celebrated the World No Tobacco Day on the 31st of May 2015.

The month of May is annually dedicated to activities designed specifically for the promotion of No Tobacco Awareness and the 31st is globally declared as the World No Tobacco Day.

Dr. Mohamed Dashtdar, General Physician from International Modern Hospital, presented the audience with the serious and grave risks of both active and passive smoking habits, through referring to the statistics and studies issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). Such statistics and studies assure that hundreds of thousands die every year because of diseases caused by smoking. “Every 5 deaths is caused by smoking and smoking increases the risk of heart attack among smokers by 200% to 400% that that of non-smokers.” he added.

The event concluded with a small skit, which was organized to spread the dangers of smoking, and the same was telecasted to all the labour accommodations within the Engineering Services Group to spread awareness to the blue-collar communities on the physical hazards of diseases related to smoking.

The Al Shirawi Group of Companies, operating under the legal name of Oasis Investment Company, is a UAE- headquartered conglomerate with operations across the GCC region. The Group consists of 34 companies operating across 9 business areas: Printing & Packaging, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Heavy Equipment, Manufacturing, Electronics, Engineering Services, Trading and Online Media & Publishing. Founded in 1971, the Group today employs over 8500 employees across 33 nationalities.

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