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Waterproofing winner

knowledge-village“Success breeds success” is an oft-repeated quote,but Al Shirawi’s waterproofing unit proved it beyond a shadow of doubt.The Knowledge Village is being seen as one of the biggest success stories since Al Shirawi started its waterproofing activities in the 1980s.

Project details: S.Sekhar, Contracts Manager, explained: “The project involved an area of 35,000m2 and 2100 pile-head treatments”.The first phase involved waterproofing the sub-structure.The workers are now waterproofing the roof.

Sekhar firmly believes that Al Shirawi landed the waterproofing contract because it was best suited in terms of capability,mobilisation of manpower and material, and finance.

Execution: Despite all odd-peak summer,gas torches,on-site catering,the team completed the project ahead of schedule by working day and night, even on Fridays.Sekhar said,”Oncompletion of the first phase, the workers felt a sense of pride and achievement.They are eager to get more such projects.”

Both Al Basti & Mukhta and Dar Consult, the main contractor and consultants respectively,were thoroughly impressed with Al Shirawi’s work. “They did a perfect job and we have no complaints,” confirms Bassam Adi, Project Manager at Dar Consult. “We have specified Al Shirawi for three big forthcoming projects.”

Sekhar feels that “the Knowledge Village will be a forerunner for many jobs in the future.”

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