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Smartcool Signs Distribution Agreement With Largest Chiller Service Specialist in the Middle East

smartcool_logo_largeVancouver, B.C. – Smartcool Systems Inc. (TSXV: SSC) is pleased to report that the company has signed an exclusive agreement with U.S. Chiller Services to distribute Smartcool’s Energy Savings Module™ (ESM™) in the U.A.E. and Bahrain. U.S. Chiller Services will also market Smartcool’s ECO3™ on a non-exclusive basis. In addition to offices in Dubai, U.A.E. and Manama in the Kingdom of Bahrain, U.S. Chiller Services also have locations in California and Florida.

As part of their due diligence process, U.S. Chillers installed the Energy Savings Module™ (ESM™) on a large tonnage Centrifugal chiller at a location, managed by the Palm District Cooling Company, situated in Dubai. The test was initiated in July 2009 and required 14 days of operation where readings were taken prior to activation of Smartcool’s ESM™. Readings were then taken for 14 days with the ESM™ activated and then a further 14 days of readings were taken with the ESM™ on and off on alternate days. The results from the testing period indicated energy savings of 13.16% when comparing the 14 days on and off period and 16.63% energy savings for the alternate day period. On average, the ESM™ provided savings of 2,925 kWh per day, an average savings of 14.89%. This equates to approximately US$95,000 per annum on this single chiller application.

“The test was conducted throughout real operational conditions during 42 days under the peak Dubai summer period and provided very impressive results,” stated Dan Mizesko, Managing Partner of US Chiller Services. “Not only did the ESM™ save substantial kWh input power to the chiller, it was also able to slightly improve the chiller’s kW per ton efficiency. We were also able to confirm that the technology can be integrated to multiple chillers allowing chillers to share the common load equally and save energy equally. Our firm conclusion is the Smartcool technology is a powerful energy saving technology on single or multiple chiller installations.”

“We are very pleased to be working with U.S. Chiller Services, the largest chiller service specialist in the Middle East,” added George Burnes, President and CEO of Smartcool Systems Inc. “U.S. Chiller has an award winning reputation and we feel very comfortable that our energy savings technology will be represented to a wide array of clients in a very important market place for our company. The test has only endorsed what we at Smartcool already know, that we have a technology that can provide energy reduction resulting in significant cost savings.”

US Chillers are the largest Chiller service specialist organization in the Middle East with a portfolio of over 350,000 tons of district cooling chillers, and over 800,000 tons of total liquid chillers under service agreements. The company operates under a joint venture with Al Shirawi Electrical & Mechanical Engineering in the United Arab Emirates.

Smartcool Systems have chosen US Chillers as an independent validation party to undertake testing and analysis of its technology on the basis of its impeccable reputation within the industry from both a maintenance, as well as validation standpoint. For more information, visit www.uschillerservices.com.

About Smartcool Systems Inc.

Smartcool Systems Inc. (SSC: TSX.V) manufactures and distributes the Smartcool Energy Saving Module (ESM)™ and the ECO3™, which make refrigeration and air conditioning systems more efficient, resulting in proven cost savings, reduced energy consumption, and a smaller carbon footprint. The Smartcool ESM™ can be retrofitted to existing refrigeration and air conditioning systems and is compatible with all known control systems. More than 26,000 units have been installed worldwide for customers such as supermarkets, food distributors, telecommunications companies, hospitals, and hotels. Smartcool’s new ECO3™ provides the same environmental and cost-saving benefits to residential and commercial customers using one and two compressor cooling systems.

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