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Race against time

mediacityAL SHIRAWI Contracting was awarded the sub-contract waterproofing works for the prestigious Dubai Media City second phase, against stiff competition and under a near-impossible programme schedule.

The high profile job was also a high specific- ation project using a waterproofing membrane specially manufactured by Bitumat of Saudi Arabia.

“We only came to know quite how tight the schedule was after we mobilised at the site,” explained S Sekhar, Contracts Manager. “Even the main contractor, Belhasa Engineering Contracting co, was doubtful of any applicator to meet the programme schedule, but we were confident it was possible.”

The team finished the job exactly on time for the contract, but had to pullout all the stops to do so. “With just two months to complete 10,000 square meters of sub-structure waterproofing over five buildings, we had to work around the clock, with up to 50 people on site at any time,” explained Sekhar.

The 24 hour work, in shift teams was monitored every three hours, with labour resources mobilised from all possible sources to meet the deadline.

Sekhar is quick to praise the work and dedication of his teams in completing the job on time.

“There were outstanding contributions from Rajput, Azeem, Nair, Firoz and Pandey in supervising to ensure that the work was to the highest standard, despite the long hours and necessary speed. It was also an extraordinary effort from all the workers as the job took place during the height of the summer, in the peak temperatures, and the men were working with torches and gas.”

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