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Quality Healthcare initiative for Al Shirawi’s Workforce

healthcare1 Al Shirawi, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), initiated a Medical Checkup for Workers residing in the Al Muhaisinah (Sonapur) Labour Accommodation

Over 600 hundred workers were examined by Dr. Puri and his team from Mipol HealthCare Services for blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, hypertension, asthma, chest pain and other physical ailment our workers experience. A General Practitioner was available for those wanting medical advice. Those needing additional medical attention were referred to designated clinics and doctors. Medicine and vitamins were distributed to those who were diagnosed with illnesses.

healthcare2The initiative was in line with the Al Shirawi’s values of compassion and concern. It was a novel way of acknowledging and recognizing the contribution that our blue collar employees make to the organization.

Al Shirawi wishes to thank Dr. Puri and his team of doctors and nurses from Mipol Healthcare. The Human Resources Team at Al Shirawi Engineering Services also volunteered their time to organize the event

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