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Police HQ is a shining example for Al Shirawi


Police HQFebruary’s downpours failed to put a dampener on proceedings at Dubai Police head quarters – thanks to Al Shirawi Contracting’s waterproofing work.

Al Shirawi recently completed waterproof work on the basement, wet areas and roof for the Dubai Police Headquarters near Ghusais.

And when the heavy downpours came towards the end of February, officials at Al Shirawi sat back confident the work would withstand the deluge – and it did. And they say it will provide the same protection for the next 10 years.

This landmark contract for Al Shirawi came hard on the heels of work carried out at Muraqabat Police Station, The Barrack building at the Police Training College and the Muraqabat Administration building and workshop complex at Al Twar.

But the Dubai Headquarters contract was by far the biggest, containing 990 piles of different dia and about 25,000 square metres of substructure which covered 11,000 square metres of roof as well as wet areas and planters.

Only the highest quality materials were used. Bitumat Premierflex 4000 was used for the substructure, Bitumat Polyflex for the roof and wet areas and Anti-root membranes for the planters.

In addition, the injection hose system was used as an added precaution at each stage, to avoid any possible leakages.

The work was carried out at various stages over an 18-month period. The consultant on the job, Arenco and main contractor, Al Shafar General Contracting, were more than satisfied with the work of Al Shirawi Contracting.

S. Sekhar, General Manager, said: “We are sure the towering structure will definitely be one of the landmark buildings in Dubai and will stand as testimony for Al Shirawi’s expertise for many years to come.”

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