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Oasis Technosoft earns CMMI

asis TechnoSoft, software solutions provisioning company based in India under the umbrella of Oasis Investment Company LLC earns CMMI (certifications for software development process and support functions to all the group companies of Oasis Investment Companies In UAE. It signifies the level of quality and sustainability, managed, repeatable and certified structured flows processes of solution development and Support provisions for critical applications being run on Oracle by the group companies. The certification is an emblem of assurance on the quality of software operations and change management which is demanded in the competitive world to keep all our companies better serviced to customers and assured of quality of information, sustainability to all the customers, partners, employees and thereby commitment honoring to all the shareholders.

Foot note

A maturity model can be viewed as a set of structured that describe how well the behaviors, practices and processes of an organization can reliably and sustainably produce required outcomes. A maturity model may provide, for example, a place to start, the benefit of a community’s prior experiences, a common language and a shared vision, a framework for prioritizing actions, a way to define what improvement means for your organization.

A maturity model can be used as a benchmark for comparison and as an aid to understanding – for example, for comparative assessment of different organizations where there is something in common that can be used as a basis for comparison. In the case of the CMM, for example, the basis for comparison would be the organizations’ software development processes.

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