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Leminar receives UL555 certification for FlotekTM Fire Dampers

Leminar Air Conditioning Industries recently announced that its multi section fire dampers, called the FlotekTM Fire Dampers, were thoroughly tested and certified by UL555 for intrinsically safe use in construction. The company undertook the testing of the FlotekTM fire dampers of size 2.7 meters against the stringent UL555 product standard certification requirements. Being the region’s largest fire damper ever manufactured, it had to undergo a rigorous 1.5 hours of fire exposure test at the Thomas Bell Wright Laboratory in Dubai on the 25th of September 2014.

After thorough testing, UL representative announced that the test was a “success” considering the durability and redundancy factor of the fire dampers. Throughout the test period, the product conformity was not affected even though the temperature of the chamber gave rise to 980 degree Celsius before the hose stream test commenced.

Throughout the test, the dampers did not show any conformity lapse and stayed well within the regulatory norms. Speaking on the successful test mission, LAI’s General Manager Dipak Bhadra reiterated the company’s firm commitment in developing quality and trustworthy products that can add value and increase customer confidence. He hailed the Production and Quality Assurance teams for their hard efforts and thanked everyone for making this test a successful one for Leminar.

Leminar Air Conditioning Industries LLC, a member of the Al Shirawi Group of companies and an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is a manufacturing firm which was established in the year 2000 to meet the growing requirements of the HVAC industry and to provide industrial clients in the area with professional and reliable materials. Leminar currently has international tie-ups with Spiro of Switzerland, Fenland fire rated coatings from UK, and Galloway Acoustics from Scotland. With 3 offices and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the UAE and Qatar, including the region’s largest ductwork manufacturing facility presently under construction in Dubai, Leminar Industries manufactures sheet metal products that meet the needs of the HVAC contractors.

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