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Leminar and Armacell conduct seminar on “Go Green, Go quiet with Armasound”

armacell_sem_largeArmacell, the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal and acoustic elastomeric insulation materials and innovative PET core foams, conducted a seminar with the theme of ‘Go Green, Go Quiet with Armasound” and its application in the HVAC Industry’. The seminar was co-organized by Leminar as a part of an interactive knowledge session for the consultants and for the people who are in the field of HVAC.

Armacell’s Asia and MENA business head, Mr Jagdeep Singh, introduced Armasound to over 200 HVAC engineers and consultants from a broad range of consulting companies, construction firms and design institutes. Armasound’s unique design concept and powerful functions, such as its open cell structure, dust and fibre free solutions, vibration damping and high compatibility with the newest of HVAC equipment, made a marked impression on the participants.

Armacell is a global innovator in foam technologies and the world leader in the market for flexible technical insulation materials. Apart from ARMAFLEX, their leading brand in the field of flexible technical insulation, they also produce thermoplastic insulation materials, covering systems, fire protection and noise control products, special foams for a multitude of industrial applications and foam cores which are used as composite materials.

In the UAE since 1989, Leminar has been in the fore-front of HVAC related distribution and manufacturing in the region, with 4 offices, 4 manufacturing plants and 9 showrooms across the UAE and Qatar. Leminar’s facilities have obtained certifications such as ISO 9001, AHRI (ARI) and various awards in the industry.

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