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L555 certified Fire Dampers launched by Leminar

UL555 certified Fire DampersLeminar Air-Conditioning Industries added another feather to their cap by expanding their product portfolio with developing an internationally accepted fire damper range.

Leminar, with the state of the art infrastructure, highly competent resources backed up with meticulous quality management systems, designed a damper that can meet the stringent requirements of UL555 standard.

The achievement is notable given the kind of test and standard requirements that the product needed to fulfill to achieve the desired fire performance. Prior to the actual test, Leminar’s design and development department, in collaboration with its quality assurance, developed a product prototype that could withstand the requirement of cycling and then closing upon 250 times as per UL555 standards. Then, the actual model of damper was tested under the watchful eyes of experts who were especially flown from the world renowned Underwriters Laboratories (UL). During the test, the damper was exposed to a prescribed and regulated fire for 1- hours to determine the fire redundancy of the damper assembly. Immediately after the fire exposure of 960oC, the damper was hosed down with a heavy stream of water. Much to the delight of the development team, no major deformations were identified. Further, in order to simulate most severe fire and extreme climatic conditions of the region, the damper was fouled with salt and dust for 5 days prior to test.

Speaking about this glorious feet, General Manager of Leminar Air Conditioning Industries, Dipak Bhadra, remarked, “The Leminar team is poised to bring innovative products to its already well-established product line by following stringent quality standards that assures our customers guaranteed outcome with proven test results”
The company’s unique achievement in terms of its compliance with UL standard, has been accepted and updated in the online certification directory of UL.

In the UAE since 1989, Leminar has been in the forefront of HVAC related distribution and manufacturing in the region, with 4 offices, 4 manufacturing plants and 9 showrooms across the UAE and Qatar. Leminar’s facilities have obtained certifications such as ISO 9001, AHRI (ARI) and various awards in the industry.

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