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Fenland Receives Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Approval

ffc_duct_coating_largeThe Fenland Fire Duct System has received the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Product Approval. This is in addition to the system already receiving certification from Warrington Fire and Dubai Civil Defense.

The Fenland Fire Duct System is an augmented ductwork construction utilising the latest manufacturing techniques to which an Intumescent coating is factory applied. The system contributes to building safety by maintaining fire compartmentation and assists in the safe dispersal of smoke and hazardous fumes in the event of a fire. It allows more escape time to the building occupants by maintaining functional criterion of Smoke Extract / Ventilation ducts, and works as life saving system in the case of a fire.

Tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 24 : 1987, ISO 6944 :1985 – Fire Resistance Test for Ventilation Ducts under the U.L. standard and by the BRE Centre for Fire Resistance, the system fully complies with the requirements of the NFPA 90 standard for the installation of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems.

fire_ffcLeminar, a part of the Al Shirawi Group of Companies, is the exclusive applicator for the Fenland Fire Duct System. In the UAE since 1989, Leminar is one of the largest HVAC distribution and manufacturing companies in the region, with 4 offices, 7 showrooms and 3 manufacturing plants across the UAE.

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