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Cold forming of dished heads taken to a new level – Arabian Oasis Industries LLC

aoi_news_img1AOI is at the forefront of dished head manufacture by cold forming and following the introduction of its new flanging machine has formed the world’s first 75mm one piece dished head in the cold condition.

The conventional method of
cold pressing the dished portion followed by cold flanging the corner radius and straight flange section is well known for thicknesses aoi_news_img2of up to 40mm however, AOI has extended the range for this type of forming to a new level giving vessel manufacturers a range of infinitely variable diameters without the need for costly tooling. AOI’s recent investment in a state of the art flanging machine for this purpose has proved a huge success. With this development without doubt AOI is the premier dished head manufacturer in the Gulf.

Sugathan, General Manager, explains:

aoi_news_img3“Only a few years ago the cold forming of anything over 40mm was considered impossible and AOI increased that to 50mm, recently, after much research into forming techniques and the use of special lubricants we decided that it was possible to form such high thicknesses. Extensive testing of the material after forming and subsequent (in house) heat treatment has revealed that there are no adverse effects. This method of forming gives more accurate diameters and less ovality than the previously used method of hot forming in a press making it easier for manufacturers to fabricate their vessels. We have now formed many higher thickness heads in a variety of materials. Actually the forming of this particular head went without any complications much as we had predicted and we are looking forward to forming many more”

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