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Celebrating a Birthday every month

What started as a surprise birthday party for the boss has turned into a monthly celebration for the staff at Al Shirawi. Each month, the entire company is invited to a party to celebrate with the staff who have had a birthday that month. “The idea came about in July when we held a surprise party for Navin Valrani, our Executive Director”, said Human Resources Manager Ashfaq Kazi.
“Staff don’t’ usually get an opportunity to meet each other outside the scope of their official work. We decided it would be a nice idea to celebrate the birthdays that take place each month and invite everyone to join the fun.”

Each month, Ashfaq sends out an email, inviting staff to meet in the company dining room on the last Wednesday or Thursday of the month. The party starts an hour before the office closes, so the impact on work is minimal.

“We decorate the dining room and provide a cake that is cut by the birthday celebrants, who also receive a card, flowers, and a gift voucher. We provide refreshments and snacks for everyone else,” said Ashfaq. “Everyone comes, including the department managers and Mr. Navin.”

“The gatherings are a great opportunity for staff from all eight companies to meet each other in an informal setting, as well as to meet the senior managers.”

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