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Al Shirawi recognized at the Waste Management Awards

Environment-Award-newsThe Emirates Environmental Group (EEG), a professional working group devoted to protecting the environment through the means of education, action programs and community involvement, recently awarded Al Shirawi for winning the 2nd Runners-Up in the Corporate category of “Mobile Collection Campaign 2013”. The Award was handed over to Al Shirawi at the “Waste Management Awards” which was held on June 4th 2014, at the Knowledge Village Auditorium, Dubai.

The awards were given to deserving corporates who inspire and contribute to the welfare of the communities and excel in green initiatives. EEG conducts the Waste Management Awarding Ceremony annually, which coincides with the World Environment Day.

In 2012, around 180,000 mobile phones and 72 tonnes of e-waste were collected all across the Emirates. While the number of out-of-use mobile phones collected so far seems high, millions of other gadgets are believed to be kept by some people without using, discarding or recycling them.

This joint co-operation campaign between EEG and Al Shirawi saw the collection of un-usable mobile phones in a bid to rid the community of harmful metal substances, which could seriously affect the environment around the areas where they are disposed in.
“The harmful and toxic materials found in mobile phones and other electronic equipment could cause damage to the environment and pollute land and water bodies to a large extent if they are discarded without thought”, said Dr.Zakir Malik, Corporate Manager – H.R who represented Al Shirawi at the event.
“EEG and Al Shirawi share a long-term relationship and I’m sure this partnership will take us forward to solving the various environmental and sustainable issues faced here within the region”, he added.

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