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Al Shirawi FM wins Emirates Crown Tower

Al-Shirawi-FM-wins-Emirates-Crown-TowerAl Shirawi Facilities Management, (Al Shirawi FM) one of the leading FM providers within the region has won a contract with Emirates Crown properties to manage their entire 63-floor residential tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Emirates Crown Tower, with a height of 296m began construction in 2005 and was completed in 2008 and it stood as the 6th tallest building in Dubai and 45th in the world.

As the managing FM partner, Al Shirawi FM offers its entire facilities management range which includes Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) services like concierge services, call center operations, 24/7 security services, cleaning, specialized cleaning services, maintenance services and specialized sub-contractor services.

This bespoke approach means that Al Shirawi FM are offering a flexible solution to meet the tower’s evolving requirements and bring innovative changes both in processes and systems enabling it to drive quality delivery and maintain great value.

Speaking of the win, Evie Boustantzi, General Manager of Al Shirawi FM said: “We are excited and above all proud to serve the Emirates Crown residents community. This is one of the most prestigious buildings in the Marina, a great addition to our existing portfolio. We are keen to bring added value through our customer-centric team culture, one that has been setting us apart from the rest, in the residential sector throughout the city. We have already started our green initiatives implementation as part of our ISO 14001 program and look forward to demonstrating savings and extended assets lifecycle”

Al Shirawi FM is an Integrated Facilities Management Service Provider with over 270 contracts and employs a workforce of over 1500 people across the UAE. The company boasts of an impressive IT infrastructure, dedicated personnel and follows a high work ethic to make it one of the leading FM service providers in the UAE.

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