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Al Shirawi FM celebrates Earth Hour 2013

earthhour_thumbAl Shirawi FM celebrated Earth Hour on Saturday March 23rd 2013 between 8.30 to 9:30pm by turning off its lights and reducing all non-essential electrical power for one hour. ASFM took part in this initiative to raise environmental awareness, while encouraging the preservation of natural resources.

This initiative was followed in line with Earth Hour, which is a global event held on the last Saturday of March annually, where in the lights are symbolically turned off from 8:30 to 9:30 pm worldwide, to encourage businesses and households to turn off their lights for one hour, in a bid to confront climate change. In all, over 8,200KW of energy was saved from the various facilities managed by Al Shirawi FM which consist of Retail, Commercial, Residential and Office spaces.

To mark the event, ASFM sent forth an e-guideline to its entire staff that is stationed in different facilities, on how to reduce energy and water consumption, while adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

“Lights in all ASFM’s maintained facilities were turned off as a symbolic gesture for protecting the environment and to take an opportunity to shed light on the importance of preserving our environmental resources,” said Mr.Lakshminarayanan, ASFM’s Division Manager.

“As the world’s most important event against climate change, Al Shirawi FM is pleased to join Earth Hour and raise environmental awareness towards this very important cause,” added Mr. Arul Pinto, Corporate HR Manager of Al Shirawi’s ESG Group.

Al Shirawi Facilities Management, also known as Al Shirawi FM, is an Integrated Facilities Management Service Provider with over 250 contracts and employs a workforce of over 1500 people across the UAE. The company boasts of an impressive IT infrastructure, dedicated personnel and follows a high work ethic to make it one of the leading FM service providers in the UAE.

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