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Al Shirawi celebrates International Women’s Day 2014

womensday_2014_newsAl Shirawi’s Engineering Services Group recently celebrated International Women’s Day, a UN designated event, which falls on March 8th of every year. The event was celebrated at its Ras Al Khor facility with more than 70 female staff members from all across the group coming together to join the gathering.

Created to honor the role of women in today’s society, International Women’s Day is celebrated all across the world to recognize and celebrate the history and achievement of women, as well as addressing the social and professional challenges facing women around the world.

“It truly is amazing that we have more than 70 women present in ESG today.  When I first entered this organization 17 years ago we had less than 5 women working here. This is quite remarkable for a company that caters primarily to the construction sector,” said Navin Valrani, CEO of Al Shirawi Engineering Services Group. “Women will be an integral part of the future of ESG.  The next president of the USA is tipped to be a woman.  So as Hillary Clinton prepares to hopefully take on the presidency of the United States, we will have our own “Hillarys” in the room:  great mothers, great wives, great daughters and last but not least great professionals ready to lead our organizations forward.” he added.

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