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Bespoke solutions… Pioneering technologies

The Group is renowned for the technological prowess found in each its companies in the manufacturing space. A great example in this regard are the UPVC pressure pipe fittings pioneered by Modern Plastic Industry L.LC. These have transformed arid landscapes around the world into fertile & vibrant hubs. Another example is the graded quality of market-leading wire mesh created by Al Ghazal Iron Works Co. L.L.C. Similarly, the anti-wear assembly materials pioneered by Oasis Wear Tech Industries L.L.C have set world-class benchmarks for resilience and prolonged life in the field.

Many of the Group’s product lines have been the first to achieve ISO and DIN ratings in the GCC. They have worked hard to maintain these impeccable quality standards. The Group’s manufacturing division also tries to continually evolve the practicality, relevance and performance of their unique product portfolios.

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