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Heavy Equipment

Leveraging change… Surpassing quality benchmarks

The GCC is one of the world’s primary hubs for the commissioning and deployment of heavy equipment. The Group’s involvement in this key sector embraces site equipment, transport and technology. Whether you are looking for the latest techniques in steel fabrication, hi-tech process equipment for oil fields or a durable and first-class vehicle fleet; GCC has a solution to offer. This is a one-stop cluster of businesses dedicated to innovation, benchmark standards of customer service and compliance with the world’s most challenging quality criteria.

For example, Al Shirawi Equipment L.L.C – manufacturing equipment for the construction and oil and gas industries – features compliance to ISO 9001-2008, ISO 18001-2007, and ISO 14001-2009, and is API Q1 certified, with ASME U Stamp and ASME R Stamp.

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