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Oasis Coils and Coatings

For the HVAC and OEM replacement and industrial markets, Oasis Coils and Coatings is a highly reputable provider specialising in heat transfer products for customers worldwide. OCC produces coils of the highest quality, using the very best raw materials from suppliers around the globe.

Some of the main products it produces are air handling unit coils, fan coil units, condenser coils, evaporator coils and convector coils. The company has pioneered the use of the most durable coil coatings, capable of withstanding the harshest climatic conditions. All coils are pressure-tested, purged and leak-tested with dry nitrogen, ensuring complete security of performance once in situ in client operations. The company also produces coils based on specific requirements. For instance, coils of all shapes and sizes such as “C”, “G”, and “L” can be manufactured.

With a marked commitment to staff training and investment in a purpose-built plant in Dubai Industrial City, Oasis Coils and Coatings is a one-of-a-kind business committed to consistent quality control and offering true engineering excellence.

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